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Address: rue Stuckens 92, 1140 Evere, Brussels.
Evere is one of 19 municipalities which constitute the region of Brussels-Capital.

We are halfway between Brussels Airport Zaventem (7km) and the center of Brussels (6 km).
NB: do not confuse the Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) and  Brussels South Charleroi Airport: the latter is located 50 km south of Brussels.
Close to NATO Headquarters (2 km).

Public transport at 300 m. (frequent trams and Villo bike station).

As there is only paid parking (or with time restrictions) during the day in the surrounding streets, we can propose you a place in our garage.

Geographical references:

km car bike tram,bus, metro
city center 6,2 15’ 21’ 31’
airport 7,6 8’ 45’
Gare du Nord (railway station) 4,1 10’ 14’ 21’
Gare du Midi (railway station) 8,8 17’ 27’ 41’
NATO 2 5’ 8’ 20’
 EUR Institutions 6 13’ 23’ 31’
Atomium & Brussels Expo 8 15’ 29’ 46’
Tour & Taxis 4,4 11’ 16’ 36’

Public transport

Tramway 55, tramway 32 (20-23 pm), bus 64 (tram and bus station at 300 m), bike renting (Villo at 300 m).

How to reach the city center with public transport?

What is the price of a trip with the Brussels public transport? How to use the tickets? Does a pass system exist?

Biking in Brussels

Discovering Brussels from Chez Jeanne with a bike

Coming Chez Jeanne from the train stations

From Gare du Midi to Chez Jeanne

From Gare du Nord to Chez Jeanne

Coming from an airport

From Brussels airport (BRU)

From Brussels South Charleroi airport (CRL)

Coming by car

LEZ: registration (at no cost) is mandatory for vehicles registered abroad