The price of public transport in Brussels

Single price, regardless of the distance traveled

The Brussels region applies the one hour tariff: you can go anywhere in Brussels for the same price by changing vehicle (metro, tram, bus, train) if necessary.

Warning! You must validate or revalidate the ticket every time you enter a vehicle (bus, tram) or in a subway or railway station. Otherwise, you risk a fine …

No rule without exception …

The uniform tarif does not apply on the Airport Line! (because half of this line is not in the Brussels region, but in the Flemish region). It will cost € 4,50, and even € 6  if you buy your ticket inside the bus.


Children under 6 years old can travel free.

JUMP on MOBIB card: discount by number of trips purchased once (1, 5 or 10) and 1, 2 or 3 days pass

N.B.: Several persons travelling together may use the same MOBIB card

Where can you find a MOBIB card?

  • 5 € in KIOSK et BOOTIK (in 20 metro stations)
  • N.B.: At Chez Jeanne, you can have a  MOBIB carte (you only pay the trips you use)

Airport Line (everywhere in Brussels,  airport included)

  • 1 trip : 4,50 €

Other lines (everywhere in Brussels,  except airport)

  • 1 trip : 2,10 €
  • 5 trips : 8 € (1,60 € for 1 trip)
  • 10 trips : 14 € (1,40 € for 1 trip)
  • Jump 24h : 7,50 €  for each
  • Jump 48h : 14 €  for each
  • Jump 24h : 18 €  for each

Contactless tickets

Airport Line (everywhere in Brussels,  airport included)

  • 1 trip : 4,50 €
  • STIB 24h : 7,50 €

Other lines (everywhere in Brussels,  except airport)

  • 1 trip : 2,10 € (2,50 € in a tram or bus)

Where to buy cards and tickets ?

  • In trams and buses: 1 trip contactless ticket only, but at a higher rate (2.5 € instead of 2.10)
  • With “GO”: 400 ticket vending machines in every underground station and at the most important bus and tram stops (credit card);
  • In “KIOSK” an BOOTIK: 20 wickets in the main metro stations;
  • Chez Jeanne: we always have MOBIB cards  with 10 trips at your disposal (and we will redeem the card that is not completely used).


Do not forget the Bike – Villo!

300 m Chez Jeanne (Peace Square), there is a bicycle hire station Villo. One way to reach out and explore the city a sporty, relaxed and economical way.
You can place your bike in any Villo Villo station of the city.
From Chez Jeanne to the center of the city, it will take about 20 minutes (by tram). The way back is a little harder because there is a little relief to climb.
More information on the  VILLO website.

The opinion of Jeanne

  • If you arrive at the Brussels National airport, and if you come to Jeanne by bus + tram (Airport line +  tram 55) , it may be appropriate to purchase a 24h contactless ticket (€ 7,50) at the GO vending machine in the airport.
  • If you arrive by train at the Gare du Midi , buy a  MOBIB card with a 10 trops JUMP at the KIOSK in the train station.
  • If you arrive by car at Chez Jeanne, and if you prefer moving to Brussels with public transport , you can have a MOBIB for free your and you pay only the JUMPs you use (€ 1,40).

Learn more

All details regarding transportation (fares, schedules, etc.) can be found on the website of the STIB.