Getting Chez Jeanne from Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)?

As its name suggests, Charleroi airport is south of Brussels, but, as its name does not indicate it is 60 km from Brussels. And 70 km from Chez Jeanne.
So, we consider that the taxi is not a valid option for 1 or 2 people (it would be more expensive than the price of the low cost flight!). But from 3 or 4 people, it will not be much more expensive than the price of the shuttle + the price of the tram, and it will be much faster. But to have a good price, it is necessary to book previously via the internet!

The shuttle Brussels South Charleroi Airport <-> Brussels Midi

  • Schedule: Every 20 or 30 minutes
  • Duration: about 1 hour
  • Price: 14 € (free for 1 child under 4 years accompanied by a paying adult)

To avoid the queue at the counter, it is advisable to order online.
To go from the Midi Station Chez Jeanne, see here.

By car

Some useful information if you do not have a GPS:

  • Follow local directions to A54/E420 towards Brussels
  • After about 20 km, you reach E19
  • 11 km later, at the interchange of Ittre, turn right and follow RO (direction Bruxelles Est / Waterloo / Ring Est)
  • After 30 km, E40 meets R0; leave 700m further at exit 4 (direction Vilvoorde / Evere / Luchthaven Zaventem)
  • Follow Luchthaven Zaventem Airport right and then follow Evere left, which leads us on A201
  • About 1 km after the tunnel NATO, turn right onto Avenue Jules Bordet and keep to the left.
  • At red light, turn 1st left and continue on Haachtsesteenweg/Chaussée de Haecht
  • At height of No. 980, turn right on Rue Pierre Van Obberghen.
  • At the end of the street, turn right onto Rue Edouard Stuckens.
  • After 50 meters, at 92, you are “Chez Jeanne.”