From Gare du Nord to Chez Jeanne


Taxis are always available at the exit of the station. The price should be between 20 and 25 €.

Ask the driver: “rue Stuckens, No. 92 in Evere.”


The website of the STIB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Society) shows you in real time the way to get “Chez Jeanne”, depending on departure time. Just enter as start stop Gare du Nord and, as arrival, the  address:  rue Edouard Stuckens 92. The phone app “Citymapper” is also very good to guide you everywhere in Brussels with public transport.

Schedules are posted electronically in subway and tram stations.

The tram stop is located below the station.

Buy a single ticket (€2.10 at a Go vending machine or €2.50 in the tram) or a Mobib electronic card (€5 at the Kiosk ticket office) on which you can record  1 (€2.10) , 5 (€8) or 10 fares (€14) at the Go or at the Kiosk.
N.B.(1): The same Mobib may be used for several persons travelling together.
N.B.(2): Once you are at “Chez Jeanne”, we have at your disposal a Mobib card loaded with some trips at cost price.

Tram ride from Gare du Nord to Chez Jeanne:

  • take tram 55 (or 32 in the evening between 20 and 23h.) towards DA VINCI;
  • get off at TILLEUL (17 min.) or PAIX (20 min.) (10th and 11th stops);
  • walk to Chez Jeanne (about 300 m); Chez Jeanne is located halfway between Tilleul and Paix stops.