from Chez Jeanne to the center of Brussels (and back) by tram or bus

Buy your tickets BEFORE you take the tram or bus: it is MUCH CHEAPER! (details HERE)

We are close to 2 lines of public transport:

  •      tram 55 to the Gare du Nord and Place Rogier;
  •      bus 64 to the European district and the top of the city (Porte de Namur).

Tram 55

From Da Vinci to Rogier (and back).

Chez Jeanne (street Stuckens 92) is just halway between stops “Tilleul/Linde” and “Paix/Vrede”.

“Place de la Paix” is 300 m. right out of Chez Jeanne.
To stop Tilleul/Linde, turn left out of Chez Jeanne; after 200m, cross the small park : the tram stop is 50 m. further.

To go in the city center (Brouckère or Bourse) or the Gare du Midi, we leave the 55 tram at  Gare du Nord or Rogier, and take tram 3 or 4.

At  Gare du Nord, you are close to the Rue de Brabant, where many traders from North Africa sell products from their countries.

A Rogier, you can also take subway that goes around the city (2 and 6). Place Rogier is at the beginning of the Rue Neuve, a pedestrian street with most of the major clothing brands.

Bus 64

It comes from Machelen (a Flemish village near the airport) and goes the Porte de Namur, through the European neighborhood.

The nearest stop is 300m from Chez Jeanne, just after the Place de la Paix, at the top of the Dekoster street.

Stop Ambiorix can be a good starting point for a stroll in the European area.

Stop Maalbeek is below the rue de la Loi, in the middle of the European quarter. There, one can also take the metro to the city center.

Stop Luxembourg is located in the front of the Luxembourg station, near the European Parliament building.

Stop Trône is near the Ryal Palace and the Royal Park.

The terminus is at Porte de Namur, near the African area called Matongé and alerie de la Toison d’Or.

Stops Trône and Porte de Namur allow connections with the metro that goes around the city.