Chez Jeanne and Brussels by bike

Jacques moves mainly in Brussels by bike. He strongly encourages you to use this means of rapid and green travel for your discovery of Brussels.

Your bike safe

At Chez Jeanne, your bike will be safe in our garage.

In town, there are a number of places provided for bicycle parking with bars that can attach, provided that you have provided a solid fastening system.

Apart from these too rare sites, you will find elements of street furniture to which you can attach your bike (sign posts, railings, benches, etc.).

It is not careful to use just a simple wheel lock.

Traveling by bike

If you are a bike tourist, whether you come from the North, South, East or West, arriving in Brussels, you will definitely meet the “Green Walk”, since it is all around Brussels. Green Walk goes through Evere. When you arrive at the Place de la Paix, you are 300 m. from Chez Jeanne.

Train + bike

In Belgium, you can take your bike on the train, for a fee of around € 5 per trip. You must ask the agent accompanying the train to know where to load the bike. However, you can carry a folding bike free as a simple hand luggage .

We advise you to get off at Gare du Nord, which is the nearest station from Chez Jeanne.
Unfortunately, in the high speed trains (TGV, Thalys, etc.), space for normal luggage is already quite limited; it does not seem possible to take a bike, except possibly a folding bike.

Particular requirements for bicycles

With a bike on the tram or subway
You can take your bike on the trams and metros, EXCEPT Monday to Friday between 7 and 9 AM. and between 16 and 18.30, without paying extra for the bike.

Take a one-way street
In most one-way streets, bicycle traffic is allowed in 2 directions.

Turn right when the light is red
A new regulation allows cyclists to turn right when the light is red. However, this is allowed only if indicated by a specific panel (inverted triangle and image of a bike).

Come without a bike, ride Villo!

Villo! What is it?
You borrow a Villo! and you drop it in another station. There is a  Villo! station at 300 m. from Chez Jeanne, in Place de la Paix.

How much does it cost?
You buy a day card (€ 1.60) or a 7 days card (7.50 €).

You make trips of less than 30 minutes at no charge.

Between 30 minutes and 1 hour, you pay € 0.50.

Quiet route to go from Chez Jeanne to the center of Brussels by bike

This route connects the Villo! Place de la Paix and the Place de la Bourse.

According to Google, it is 6.2 km and lasts 25 minutes, which corresponds to the experience of Jacques.
Small correction to the Google Plan: you can go directly from point 18 to point 20 by taking the tram tunnel that includes bike paths. This saves 300 m.

It goes up or goes down?
Chez Jeanne towards the center, it is mostly downhill.
So for the return, it is the opposite. If you miss a workout, go tram!