Jef and his snails

JEF & FILS, place de la Bourse, Tue to Sat / 09:00-18:00

5 € for a portion

Do you smell fresh fish near the bourse ? Follow your nose and meet JEF in his little white shack, strirring in a huge pot of « karakollen » (sea snails). He started working in his cabin at 13 and eats a tray a day himself. Karakollen go way back, ever since Brussels had a port. They used to be sold all over town as nutritious snacks.

Yannick (29 – stand-up comedian) : “Take a look at Jef in his white JEF & FILS shack. Now you know what a hero looks like. This guy has been making “karakollen” (sea snails) for 47 years already. He’s a kind of social worker toot, linsteing tothe sorrows of the homeless or anyone that hangs around his stand. To attract more tourists and look more like New York or Paris, the Brussels’ government wants to replace traditional food shacks like this one with hip food trucks. Bullshit, of course. Eat the real deal here and get to know what Brussels tastes like.”

(USE IT BRUSSELS – free map made by locals)

Greg B. (on Yelp) : “Well it is clear, JEF & FILS is not the most trendy foodtruck of Brussels, with its caricoles, his celery broth , his shack invariably anchored in front of (the Exki of) the Bourse and his strong accent !
Summer or winter, you can sample caricoles, these sea snails shucked and cooked in well peppered real vegetables broth! In winter, it warms better than Vigaufra; and every season the right mood brusseleir Jef (or its descendants) and the fresh flavor of his spicy whelks broth bring us a moment in the heart of our Brussels roots!
Go to (re)discover these delicious whelks, this is a great happiness!”

Note: Jacques and Janine are not fans of “caracols”, but they are not “echte Brusseleirs” (authentic Brussels).